Lost in Translation 

Not all grievances can be cried for,

Not all matters of the heart can be narrated about;

There are things only one can understand,

Some words so spoken that only one may hear. 

It is truly said that it is poetry that gets lost in translation.

While going through a set of articles I stumbled over a beautiful piece, the article that contained the passage above (in Mandarin of course). I found it to be very beautifully crafted, and thus my mind went into the translation game so that I could make my friends and family comprehend the feelings and emotions ingrained in the passage.

If you find any inconsistencies in the translation of the passage above, do help me notify.

Music to Write #2: Lyrics that feel like poetry 

Everybody Lies by Jason Walker

A little music could spice up the thought process in writing. It can help transport you into the shoes of your character while also giving you the relaxing feel at the same time. 

Jason Walker, the Piano and some amazing lyrics. Everybody Lies has a powerful chorus, an emotion that springs out of the song, it will get you pondering over emotions that have no solid figures to hold. 

Listen to the song on Soundcloud 

What are you listening to while you write?