Love, Lord and the Abyss

‘You call it love my lord?’ said the Princess as she played with the curtains draped over the balcony. 

‘For there is nothing finer than your face, my lady,’ spoke the smitten Lord. 

‘But one must close their eyes to feel love, it has no sight. One cannot hear it, it has no sound. A deep abyss it is. Are you ready to dance in it, my lord?’

‘You frighten me of love my fair one, but my heart has been crossed, forever and a deeper abyss could do no harm.’ 

Gold Coins: Flash Fiction 

‘What is there that these gold coins cannot buy,’ said the merchant proudly. The coins with holes in them was hanging around his torso bound by a thick wire.

‘Gold coins you say,’ said the young man. ‘For the matters of the heart it is still the barter system.’ 

‘I will find you a trader for your heart,’ said the merchant and walked away. 

If you do wish for everything, sometime

‘You can’t have everything all the time, Princess Vali.’

The princess nodded her head silently.

‘But if you do wish for everything, sometime,’ added Lord Vadin, ‘Then you must do your best, and then let destiny roll the dice.’

And they watched the night sky fill with stars, the colors of the space engulfed the atmosphere.

Follow the trail!

“We will follow the trail and find the tiger,” said Princess Vali.

“Be very careful my lady, because the tiger is known to fool people who walk on two feet rather than four,” said Lord Vadin. “They take us to be their enemy.”

“We have done everything to prove we are,” replied the princess and sighed.

P.S. A little fiction surrounding our school cat whose paw prints are shown in the photo! There’s a little furry friend whose been living around the university premises for quite a while now. She even gave birth to three little kittens last summer. 

Some call her KitKat, some Lemon.