The Joy of Art

Put these tears into words

And you shall be invincible.

Summon your most prized valorous knight,

Summon your inner most demons,

The untold characters jumping inside your head.

Lead them through their journeys,

While you go through your own voyage.

Weave your secret dreams, and cut them,

Because that is the only way you may learn.

Art is not just about reality,

It goes beyond any realm any creature

Has ever seen,

Only those who have been there

Have known its joy.


A Bottle Full of Life: The Storytellers-Creativeness Fest Nepal 2016

13043614_10209367683894141_5910564905549511000_nStart solving whatever puzzle is available in you, near you, around you. Someday, somewhere the puzzles will fit in, somewhere someplace. Till then we live, we live our lives, we live our dreams, we live our responsibilities, we live our plans. 

The future begins today, right here right now, right in this moment as your heart is pumping blood to every corner of your body, as your lungs purifies the air, just so you could live. Live.

You’ve got to find who you are and be OK with it. ~ Puja Deepanjali Sapkota

Your soul knows what you want. ~ Whitney Freya

We’re often scared of who we really are, because we have this awe so awesome picture in our head, and taking the risk to find out how close reality is to imagination is scary, way too scary. But we’ve got to find it either ways!

Happiness is not ready made, it comes from your actions. ~ Shamash Alidina

Happiness is a choice, just like boiling eggs and having toasts for breakfast.

Being kind to yourself is not selfish. Being kind to yourself is not self-indulgence. ~Harpal Dhatt

We’ve been self critical for too long, that perhaps when someone says you look good today, we begin doubting ourselves if we looked ugly the other day. Be kind, to yourself.

I’m not bothered about my weaknesses, only about strengths. ~ Ajaya Regmi

You can’t compare a sword with a shield. They’re made for different purposes, and yet a sword does not worry about shielding, it is only concerned with cutting through the heart of your enemy.

How you do anything in life, is everything you do. ~ Pat Divilly

How you wake up in the morning, how you work, how you eat, how you let time pass by; everything echo’s in the future. And here we thought destiny couldn’t be self made!

Don’t get attached to a story because it is in the past. That doesn’t tell you who I am today. We don’t have to be who we were, I’d rather be here with you, right here right now. ~ Jade Osborne

It’s in the present, the magic, the spark. Yesterday was the mountain you crossed, tomorrow is the ocean you will meet someday, and right now is the valley, the river you are flowing in.

My words can barely do justice to the heights of creativity and craziness at The Storytellers- Creativeness Fest Nepal 2016 that happened from 15 April, 2016 to 17 April, 2016. I am thankful for having this amazing opportunity to have been a part of it. And grateful to all the amazing mentors and speakers. This post is just a tiny sneak peek of the three mind blown days. 

I’m still reflecting, and I’ll still be reflecting ages down the road.  I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have anything you’d like to share, don’t forget to comment! 

To mindfulness!

Add the ness to the creative! Til’ the next post!



The Ambidextrous Project: Day 1

No, its not a flashback to the childhood days. And I haven’t gone out of my mind either.


I have always wondered how would it be if I could write with my less dominant hand. Would my brain function differently, or would I be better at math? Or perhaps I could just write that magnificent book I have always wanted to write. Nah! Not really! It is not a magic potion, is it?


Writing with our less dominant hand is something so mundane that perhaps it never even crosses our minds.

Then why this post?

I have wondered, and I know perhaps you have too. Let us help each other write at least our favorite poem, or that romantic line of that famous novel in our less dominant hand and gift it. Sure, it will likely be ugly and not an ounce of romance would be visible in the letters, and yet it is time to unveil the mystery. To put behind the what ifs and try for a while to see what really happens.

It is December already. And it is certainly getting colder by the day. 2015 is almost ending. How time flies, and how do those what ifs remain in our hearts.

How about starting the coming year with a customized piece written with your non dominant hand? Time  to pick up that pencil and scribble the alphabets away.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

It doesn’t have to be a mega challenge. Just a few pages a day whenever you are tired from the daily routine. Brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand, or stirring the coffee.

22 days to go!

And I will be posting my scribbling and new ideas that I will try in the upcoming weeks, also not to forget some interesting articles on how being ambidextrous is actually a cool thing.


The World in Books

In books can we travel to places that would have never existed.

Tolkien’s Middle Earth, GRRM’s Westeros, JK Rowling’s Hogwarts, CS Lewis’s Narnia. So many more that we have not read, so many others that are still locked into our minds.

In books can we take down science and travel to the past, the future or to the mythology of the distant.

Ved Vyas’s Mahabharat, Plato’s Allegories, Confucius’s words. Mysterious science experiments. The fancy and yet elusive lightsabers, flying cars.

Twisting forces whenever and wherever it may please the author, the creator.

In books can we try to triumph over the dis-balance of economies in the world.

Though we might never travel to the South or the East or the West because there happens to be something called the power of currencies which is so less for so many of us out here, and yet through books can we see the land so different from ours.

In books can we collapse space and time.

The stories of the Hubble Telescope, the discoveries about the Universe, Heroes who conquered the North Pole. The snow of Sagarmatha (Everest) and the waters of Antarctica.

In books can we embrace the ideologies of the great.

Gandhi. Mother Teresa. Newton. Einstein. Heller Keller. Stephen Hawking. Faraday.

In books can we discover ourselves.

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