The Ambidextrous Project: Season 2 Week 1

It’s back! No, not the flat 50% sale, I am talking about The Ambidextrous Project, in its second season.

So what is The Ambidextrous Project?

A tiny little project that I run on my blog, facebook and instagram filling your newsfeed with photographs and posts of my almost illegible looking handwriting written with my non-dominant hand, which would be the right hand. (Yup, you’re right, I’m a Southpaw, a leftie!). While I invite everyone to try and have fun writing with their non-dominant hands, filling the newsfeed of their friends and friends of friends with their equally funny looking handwritings. This ain’t a handwriting competition.

A little DISCLAIMER here and there:

Unlike the name, ambidextrous, which means the ability to use both hands with equal competency, the aim of the project is not to become one. Only 1% of the population is believed to be truly ambidextrous, which is due to the biological instances of the wondrous instrument named the human brain, which I hear likes to hide inside a bony structure called cranium. And switching hands is also what we’re NOT doing.

I’m just trying to make my non-dominant hand a little more competent, and may be hoping somewhere deep inside that my right handed counterparts will understand that being left handed is absolutely normal for the Lefties around the world. (Nothing too magical or weird about that!), and may be get the little world taking about handedness and the normalcy and magics of the human mind!

This season will follow through August 13 to September 13. One of the many reasons I chose August 13, was also because it is the International Left Handers Day.



Let it rain then! Join along, you might find or remember something about yourself!

A rerun from last December:

The Ambidextrous Project: Day 1

The Ambidextrous Project: Insights

The Ambidextrous Project: Reflections

The Left Handed Writer cum Dreamer,



3 thoughts on “The Ambidextrous Project: Season 2 Week 1

  1. Born right handed only, I have taught myself to be able to write easily with either hand. And that includes from every possible pen position from either hand – 16+ possible positions.

    It was a struggle at first, but now it appears natural.

    I am retired and very interested neuroplasticty and neurotics!

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