5 Signs of an Ending Semester #Paw Mgmt


Dr. Julia, cat specialist talks about 5 signs of an ending semester, the reason why Zinger has not been able to sleep well lately. Over to you Julia!


Hey Humans! How have you been? So, its June, time to say goodbye to the Spring Semester. But goodbyes are never easy, are they? Nope. It’s time to stay up in front of that screen and type those pending reports!

  1. Procrastination Prison:

It’s best you get out of it ASAP. I know its such a delight to stay in bed till 8 AM, take a 2 hour power nap during the day and say its just 5 PM, I’ll start at 7 PM. But lets not.

  1. Assignment Attack:

Behold, assignment is coming, and there’s no wall between you and them. Better get your word documents ready!

  1. Allergic Anxiety:

Yup, we’re all nervous. Till the end of the last exam there’s anxiety boiling inside our stomach. Try some meditation, ok?

  1. Exam Escapade:

It’s not less than an adventure, when you don’t know what questions are going to be asked. Don’t worry, practice hard!

  1. Series Solace:

We find the ultimate solace in series. Isn’t SUITS coming this July? Wait! Series second, exams first!

Don’t get too nervous, sleep well and eat well. Map out what you’re going to do, and don’t you dare multitask if you want to get over these 5 signs of an ending semester. Now, right after this post ends, go and get the assignments rolling!

Goodluck my dear human folks and cat folks!




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