Music to Write #4: Where Words Speaks

Where words fail, music speaks. ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Music is, something that we may not understand, but can always comprehend. Just like the heartbeat, it teaches us to feel and comprehend the soul that our senses may fail to.

I have always been fond of the Japanese anime music. There’s some pain, some joy and some mystery in them. When the world had not yet seen the dawn of the power that is youtube, I often recorded the openings and ending of the animes that I liked over the cassette tape. Every time they played, I felt imagination flow inside of me. And I was afraid that if the series finished, I would never be able to hear them again. And thus, my fascination with the recorder grew day after day.

I did not understand words that the music spoke to me, but somehow I could always comprehend their meanings, be it from the story lines or the emotion inside the song. There’s a story, another kind in listening to music your brains cannot understand directly. We must focus on the music, the timing, the background score and the singer’s voice. I find it very much similar to writing.

We do not often know the ending when we start. There are bare images in the mind, flashing like shooting stars, disappearing before we get to even cherish their time. The mind loves the game of hide and seek, and it is the duty or very much the passion of the writer to seek out every story that layhidden deep inside the corridors of imagination.

Saikou no Kataomoi is the ending theme to the anime The Story of Saiunkoku. I feel happy to have been reunited with this piece through the internet, since my old cassette tape didn’t have half the quality as this one does. Sung by Sachi Tainaka, I can almost always see a character running through the fields, with part joy and part sadness every time I hear this song. I had never come across the English translation of this piece until the week earlier. The Japanese words somehow spoke to my inner mind. Try absorbing the song in its purest form without looking into the words and then try again with the understanding of the words. It might as well surprise you!

As they often say, music is universal. So is the story that is brewing in our hearts, so are the words unspoken to the world. Writing is a journey, much like music. 


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