Music to Write #3: Photograph 

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves 

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken 

Times forever frozen still

-Photograph, Ed Sheeran

Perhaps, it was Ed Sheeran, or may be it was your childhood buddy who told you how you could capture time inside the old torn photograph of yours. And you went on clicking on and on. You got older, and the shorts in the photograph did not fit you anymore; the cousin you played with moved to a different country and the friend you held hands with got married last winter. And you still got all of the photographs, that never change.

Time’s forever frozen still.

Ed Sheeran’s Photograph is a sweet little piece, that flashes hundreds of images. The lyrics is poetic and metaphorical. It helps in retrospective writing, when I travel back to my 12 year old self, watching anime all day. Emerging through our photographs will be times that flew past by. But they are always safe in the past, in the frozen time of memory.

Does your fictional character feel the same?

Here’s a cover of the song I made. I hope you enjoy.



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