What, Where & Why 

Sometimes I wonder, and I know that you do too,

What is this world that we live in; one eye drenched in tears, another shining wide out in shades.

Where is this world that we live in; one that has no shelter from the rain, another that could tire out of walking over possessions. 

Why is this world we live in caught between black and white lines of idealogies, 

Why is it so that everything we touch is unavailable without contradictions. 

Why is there solace in silence and peace in the noise at times,

Why is there happiness and pain together like changing shadows of the same body; 

Why is there drought and rain,

Why do we sometimes fly and then crawl, 

Why do we stand and fall, 

Why is the sky blue when the earth is brown of mud; 

Why do we have stars we cannot touch, words we cannot write and emotions we cannot describe. 

Why do we see pathways that lead no where, the dark night and the dazzling light. 


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