Writing in Space Time 

If we go on accounting for every detail, our world turns out to be more complex than all possible strategies of playing chess. There’s chaos one moment, and peace another instant. Our hearts beat like crazy and we calm down for a while watching the little bird fly or the silent moon orate the stories of the distant past, the cracks begin to glow and a beauty encircles the moment. 

One moment we are jealous of the greater instruments of humankind that we might have been deprived of, another moment a message from a nearby cousin about the wonders of Harry Potter’s world marvels us. A warm sensation flows into the heart, like the world was and will always be complete. A random word throws us into a state of chaos, another prepares us to live another day. 

And somehow these do not fit into words. That is the journey of the writer, to capture the moment as they flow, the warm hearts or the cold daggers, the transition as they happen in space time. 


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