The Ambidextrous Project: Reflections

Its 2016! Tada! and The Ambidextrous Project has come to an end, officially, but we will certainly be back!

I find it strange and happy both at the same time. I didn’t quit and the project about writing with the non-dominant hand made it to the new year. And as promised, my favorite pieces of words, sayings, lines from literature along with some reflections that this project has taught me on the way.

  1. Focus

I could scribble 15 pages in an hour or a neat symmetrical 5 page. I had to focus on one aspect. It is almost always about quality versus quantity. If I gave in to quantity, I would not achieve quality. Quality once achieved could be doubled or tripled in quantity with tools and techniques. But rarely does quantity bring in quality. It was the trade off I had to focus on.

One of the most beautiful lines
  1. Patience

It was horrible, like I had just gone back to school and was restless to improve. But it wasn’t going to happen just like that, well unless I practiced every day. You can’t have daisies in winter!


  1. Passion comes from trying

I’d like to refer to Mark Manson, from his post 7 Strange Question That Help You Find Your Life Purpose. Passion is not the fuel, as the world often puts it. Passion comes from trying to make your dreams come true, it comes from the hard work that we put into our dreams every day.


  1. The Fun Element

Psychologists, I believe are now tired of the overwhelming amount of evidence, that our brains learn faster when we have the fun element in learning. To keep myself motivated I did the ABC Novels, ABC Writers, ABC Shows, etc under which I wrote A for Anna Karenina instead of Apple, and T for Tolstoy instead of Tree. I tried writing my favorite piece of lyrics, and almost anything random that popped up in my head. I tried an entire brainstorming session writing with my non-dominant hand.

Hope you have a great year ahead and try harder to make your dreams come true!


Till the next post!


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