The Ambidextrous Project: Writing Journey 

This is my lil’ cousin Pramsu’s Horned Ripper Dragon (written and drawn with his non-dominant hand). Be aware! 

Hi there everyone!

With 11 hours of power cut everyday, it has been a tough task to stay updated with the web and my blog. I will be posting whenever I have the internet and enough battery in my computer and phone.

The Ambidextrous Project, to write everyday with my non-dominant hand till the new year is almost about to wrap up. I’m thinking of multiple reasons to keep this project alive even after the new year, since its been fun trying to train my non dominant hand. Yes, I will keep on writing, occasionally if not everyday. The support and inspiration I have received from everyone has been really helpful. 

For a moment I felt my mind reverse back in time, when we wrote as kids, scribbling all over our exercise books and training for the Best Handwriting Award in class. How we were dying to write with pens and leave behind the kid-like-pencils. Turns out today, after all these years we would value the pencil the most, because we could erase our mistakes without being prominently visible. 

I’d like to share a few photographs from my Ambidextrous Project:  

Flash Fiction with my right hand, perhaps using the left brain!

Reflecting with my right hand writing

Wishing that this cold weather ends soon!

Till the next post! 

New Year Greetings in advance! 


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