The Ambidextrous Project: Collections, Day 9:12

Hello world!

Thank you very much for following and trying your own ‘Ambidextrous Project’. I am very much overwhelmed with the responses my friends and family have given towards this project. It is great to see my friends and family trying to write (and even draw) with their non-dominant hand. It has been a very interesting journey so far.

While the mercury drops day by day, we await for a new year, a new beginning.

I’m not sure if my handwriting has improved, but my awkwardness while holding a pen or a pencil with my non-dominant hand (which is the right hand) has been improving. I have felt a sense of control over my right hand from the past couple of days. As much strenuous it might have been at the start, everyone has been improving and trying new methods of practicing.

We even wrote lyrics of some of our favorite songs and scribbled cats and dogs over our exercise books during class time!

Here I present to you a photograph collection of writings by my friends and family with their non-dominant hand.

Juliana’s left hand doodle, and she says writing with her left felt like therapy.
Prashant Dai’s Christmas Wishes
Jayson’s Comic Style
Ashmita’s ever beautiful handwriting just became more beautiful with this quote.
Once more Prashant Dai’s Ed Sheeran lyrics
Ashma’s hidden talent, she says her left hand drawing is better than the right.
My lil’ cousin Pramsu’s writing (up) and my aunt Sarana’s (Down) day 1 of The Ambidextrous Project

Thanks for trying!

And do not forget to share your ideas and views in the comments.

Til’ the next post!

Photographs and writings contributed by Juliana Shrestha, Prashant Shrestha, Ashmita Gautam, Ashma Uprety, Jayson Shrestha and Sarana Parajuli. 

If you’d like to know more about the ambidextrous project:

The Ambidextrous Project 

The Ambidextrous Project: Insights 


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