The Ambidextrous Project: Day 1

No, its not a flashback to the childhood days. And I haven’t gone out of my mind either.


I have always wondered how would it be if I could write with my less dominant hand. Would my brain function differently, or would I be better at math? Or perhaps I could just write that magnificent book I have always wanted to write. Nah! Not really! It is not a magic potion, is it?


Writing with our less dominant hand is something so mundane that perhaps it never even crosses our minds.

Then why this post?

I have wondered, and I know perhaps you have too. Let us help each other write at least our favorite poem, or that romantic line of that famous novel in our less dominant hand and gift it. Sure, it will likely be ugly and not an ounce of romance would be visible in the letters, and yet it is time to unveil the mystery. To put behind the what ifs and try for a while to see what really happens.

It is December already. And it is certainly getting colder by the day. 2015 is almost ending. How time flies, and how do those what ifs remain in our hearts.

How about starting the coming year with a customized piece written with your non dominant hand? Time  to pick up that pencil and scribble the alphabets away.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

It doesn’t have to be a mega challenge. Just a few pages a day whenever you are tired from the daily routine. Brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand, or stirring the coffee.

22 days to go!

And I will be posting my scribbling and new ideas that I will try in the upcoming weeks, also not to forget some interesting articles on how being ambidextrous is actually a cool thing.



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