Today is not Everyday

The heart beats faster,
It is scared of the new time,
It fears the change
That must arrive.
The mind knows
It must calm the heart,
Because not everyday
Do we get to make
Our own destinies.

We’ve lived a mundane life
Dipped into the acid of neutrality,
Following days like
Schedules of time,
We’ve made decisions not
Once but thrice
To change,
But actions have always
Been delayed because
We have cleverly
Learnt to blame on time.

Not everyday do we
Choose to make our destinies,
Not everyday we rise
To live our lives,
We have been drowned
Into the seas of
Routine and now
Our dreams seem
Blurry lines of streams.

We are scared of ourselves,
Yes ourselves,
Dreams emerge out
Of realities we think,
Not realities out of dreams,
Not everyday do we
Decide to change the world,
Thus it lies,
Unchanged for centuries.
Not everyday do we get up
Because we want to,
But because the alarm
Cannot be snoozed further.

Not everyday do we
Change our perspectives
So that the green may
Appear green,
Not everyday do we admit
That red is not what we’ve seen.

Not everyday have we looked
Into the mirror,
To find a hero who has
Lived through time.
Those  20 30 40 50 years of dust,
Not everyday do we say
Its time to brush it off,
Not everyday do we get a broom.

Not everyday do we think
About thanking our creator
For creating our lives,
Not everyday do we value
The people who have helped
Us become who we are.
Not everyday do we do
Things that make others feel good.

And why all of this time lag?
Question yourself,
All because we are smooth
Work pushers and procastinators.
Tomorrow shall come,
We shall do it then, we say.

Tomorrow my friend shall
Surely come, as the sky
Is blue till time ends,
But why do we delay in
Good things,
Why do we not act like
Today is not everyday,
Yesterday was not everyday,
Tomorrow is not everyday.

Why don’t we just get up
And do things we dont do
Everyday, everyday.
Because today is a new day,
Today is not everyday.


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