The Sunset

His hands reached to grab his camera, a Sony Alpha series, gift from his grandfather in the last birthday. The metalic colour of the camera flashed off. He fixed the lenses, a new one that he had recently bought. The sun was about to set. Red orange clouds were spreading away in the sky. Through the camera he could see the round sun setting, moving slowly behind the first hill. A part of the red sun was covered away in the dark hills. The sky was singing, the winds playing with his hair.

Suddenly, he push his camera back into the black bag he was carrying.

‘Aren’t you going to click?’ asked his friend perplexed beside him.

A few others were already clicking multiple pictures of the sight, some had DSLRs, others used simple camera, others even used their phone cameras.

‘No, I won’t,’ he answered sighing to let go of the air that had build up in his lungs.

‘Didn’t we climb the entire hill just to capture it? And now you have put down your favorite toy,’ said his friend looking a little disheartened at his friend’s behavior.

He flashed a smile staring right at the sun that was now about to vanish behind the hills in the distant. There were a thousand thoughts running through his brains.

The sunset was over now. The sun had disappeared with a kiss of promise to be back tomorrow.

His friend looked perplexed yet.

‘Some sights are too precious. They must be lived and remembered. Not captured,’ he said as he left to decend the hill.


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