New Year 2072

It was 2060 twelve years ago, 2065 seven years ago, 2070 two years ago. All the time that seemed so massive is now in the past. Your friends and cousins you played ‘house’ with are all grown up, not to forget you have been growing all the while. Older than yesterday, younger than tomorrow, time is a strange game in today. Hoping this year takes us closer to our destinies.

Today is the new year of the Bikram Sambat Calendar. This is also the official calendar of Nepal. From today begins the 2072 year of the Bikram Sambat or B.S. in short. Believed to have been established by the mythological King Vikramaditya, Nepal adopted this Calendar after the unification of the country by the then King Prithvi Narayan Shah during the mid of 18th century. This calendar takes it roots from the ancient Hindu traditions.

The Bikram Sambat calendar is 56 years and 8 months ahead of the Georgian calendar, which means if you add 56 years and 8 months to your birth date and birth month from the Georgian calendar, you can get your birthday in the B.S. year and month. The B.S. new year usually falls in mid April.

The B.S. calendar has 12 months. Baisakh being the first month followed by Jesth, Asar, Shrawan, Bhadra, Ashoj or Ashwin, Kartik, Mangshir, Poush, Magh, Falgun and Chaitra.

It’s a public holiday in Nepal, and a special festival of ‘Bisket Jatra’ is carried out every year in Bhaktapur, a city nearby Kathmandu on the occasion of the new year. Its believed to be auspicious to start new things on the new year day, likewise people also visit religious sites and greet each other. There’s a new trend of organizing family picnics on this day going around for a couple of years.

You can say ‘Naya Barsha ko Shuvakamana’ which means happy new year in Nepali.

The year 2072 is believed to be luckier than 2071. Wishing luck, health and prosperity to everyone!


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