Music to Write

There is a different kind of charm in hearing instrumental pieces. As you fill in your own words in every beat, how the wordless rhythm manages to speak everything in a moment.

To hear a romantic piece while a joyful summer scene is playing in the minds, as we search for the words to come and go; balancing the intolerable stare at the blank piece of paper with music pieces.

Beauty & The Beast

The first soundtrack in the video, Beauty and the Beast is a musical to listen to as you write your next poem or prose. Soothing and clam. The video includes other Disney Piano Instrumentals as well.

Lindsey Sterling’s LOTR Medley

Beautifully made, this piece kind of sums up the entire Lord of the Rings somewhere between the violin strings and the music. From the light to the dark and back.

Let it go – Sungha Jung Version

One guitar. One musician. Multiple rhythm.

The Piano Guys – A thousand Years (Christina Perri)

If you already loved the A Thousand Years from the Twilight Saga, prepare to fall in love over and over again with this version. Bound to make your heartbeats rise as the music proceeds.

Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring in Piano

An evergreen Classic.

This Way by Depapepe

The perfect combo of guitar and piano.


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