Uncle Ruff and Teddy

Uncle Ruff, the brown dog looked at the little kitten trying to fix a bow tie. The reflection of the little one made Ruff smile.

‘Why are you smiling, Uncle Ruff?’ questioned Teddy, the greyish kitten.
‘You remind me of the days when I was young,’ said the brown dog.
‘I’m sure you were much better than I am. Look at these braces and spectacles. I’m a geek,’ said the kitten staring at his braces reflect back on the mirror.
‘So,’ said Ruff and paused.
‘What’s wrong about being a geek. You’re not hurting anyone, its who you are Ted. Don’t worry,’ he added.

Teddy pondered upon at his reflection on the mirror.
‘Well, its who I am,’ said Teddy with a smile.
‘Yeah, my boy you’ll look best at the prom,’ said Ruff proudly.

Illustration by Subina Shrestha. 


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