The ferns or the trees?

Even though it may sound as hard as it may sound, as rude or mean it may, it is the fact; sometimes because we cannot be the leader, the number one, the ace, we bring down the extra ordinary to their knees and drag them back, just because we cant be them, just because we cant add value at times we do not let the capable add theirs bringing warth to the entire race of mankind.

Its tough job learning acceptance, learning facts that sometimes we are meant to be the fern beside the road instead of the big mango tree on the fields, but then again we’ve never heard of dear little ferns raging a war against the big trees. The ferns are happy beside the road, moving right and left along with the breeze; they let others be and so let themselves be.

The ferns are the ferns and the trees the trees, there could be no comparison. The ferns are equally loved by nature as the trees, why would they need to rage a war against the trees? Why would they obstruct the trees and thus shift the balance of the nature? They wouldnt, because foremost they have known that they are the ferns, and there is no need to compare them with the trees.


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