What the eye can see

Physical outlook is like a wall, one that has a mirror on it. What we expect to see inside is at times just the reflection of who we are.

There are many of us who have battled the insecurity of our physical outlook, sometimes we have let our minds get locked inside of it. We have looked endless times at the refection on the mirror and wondered what better can be done, what color can suit the complexion and what pattern can enhance the look.

It isnt necessarily wrong to enhance ourselves, but when they capture the mind and make it a victim of it, that is when the problem begins. It is when we start doubting our creation and what has been given to us.

We are worried about the vision of the other person. We have compared ourselves, been forced to compare rather than rejoice the diversity. And each one of us is flawed, and each one of us stands on the same ground with the same rule of life and death. We are all the same. There is no corner for the existence of perfection, because flaws make us who we are.

If roses have thornes, cactuses are uniquely beautiful too. It is all about what the eye can see and what the heart reflects back.


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