The Passing Moments

Reality hits us when least expected,

But somehow it has a funny way of

Speaking in strange voices.

Through perspectives reveals the truth

Hidden deep inside,

Camouflaged in words are feelings

That none could understand;

Could they guess what we thought?

Could we know what they believed?

If only eyes could tell what was

Hidden all the way through.


If we could pull a string and everything

Would be at its place.

We could wish for no complications,

But the best threads are always

Combined to form the best art.

One must cross if one wants to stay,

If one wants to form a bond.

Parallel threads do not form a scarf,

Its complication that gives art beauty

And reality forms a part.


We all have knots we’d dislike,

We’d all have patterns we’d admire,

Above all we have crossed paths

And the visit has bought joy or lesson.

It necessarily isn’t the prettiest that lasts,

But rather the strongest that could

Engulf the wind, as the winter past. 


Some stupidity that are necessary

To laugh back at when time passes,

Some facts to look at and relive the past,

Every mistake that made us wiser,

All the words that made us stronger. 


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