Sands of Time

Here, meet Ananya, unlike others.
She’ll always wonder why
The person beyond the glass never
Came to see her.
Why he had to meet her first,
And not herself.

Second in a row and she couldn’t take it,
Little less naïve than before,
A little more heartless.
Conscious of the power bestowed on,
Circling her every moment.

Invincible was she, in her realm,
The sword that she held
The armor of truth,
And the shield of honesty.
It was time and only time,
Who could betray her, and no other.

No lacking, no less pain,
And yet her heart searched something else.
The sword that could cut
Through hearts and fields,
Sometimes lay helpless in her minds.
Caught into the sands of time,
Like the sands of time;
Slipping every moment out of her hand.


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