Animal and The Man

And if you must, my friend

Someday choose between

A man and an animal

Choose not the man

Because he is but a cruel opportunist

Blinded by his ego

Tied by his overly selfish ambition


While the latter is mere a creation

But yet understands it’s boundaries

Has learned to live by it’s walls

In sync with nature

It doesn’t require lengthy laws

Like that of the man

Because it has taught itself

To be calm and wise


Choose not the man, my friend

Because he will teach himself

To overrule you someday

While the little animal shall

Bestow upon all it’s love and loyalty


The man, my friend you are

Chosen to lead, protect

But tell me have you ever seen

An unjust rule last for immortality?

Thus, you await the end

Of your kind and the all


Hence forth my friend

Choose not the man

He has more intellect than you

But the animal more soul

Or so it has begun to seem.


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