Journey Back Home

As the wind rattles

Passing through the soft lines

Of the black hair

Raising a whirlwind of dust

Beyond the roads that are

Yet to be walked upon

Wondering is a figure of life

Either to walk or to ride


Many travelers on the road

Some enthusiastic, other sad

Some more a stone, not even mad

Wondering is the figure

If they have some stories untold

If they would ever unfold


Beyond the horizon lay

The colored line

All that the figure wants to unravel

Transgress, leave the world behind

No other shadows to accompany

The dust has begun to subside


Made of sugar and salt

Walking on the road of spice

Onto the hot oven, ready to be baked

Come out a diamond


Taking the journey back home

Where the heart can rest its burden

The mind let go of its foes and friends

Where judgment can respite


All in the wait

On the journey back home!


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