When days get hard, lights nowhere

When you can’t return back to the start, and reverse the past

When you find no answers to the questions you need to solve,

No can’t give up, you’ll be a coward

Just cuddle up in your blanket and sleep,

Rest your tired muscles, they had a lot of work

Close your eyes to a bright tomorrow,

Sleep and pray that the next day you wake up,

Will still be the same, but you’ll have better courage

No won’t run away, it shouldn’t change

Never pray for everything to change when you wake up,

Pray to be armored to make the change

For now just sleep…


Little eyes that know the dream,

Castles and fairies, they’d seen

Sometimes the darkness pulls out the light,

Blinds the eye,

No, can still see, piercing through the dark

Is a light that ignites right inside

Its dark in the sleep, but you can still see the colourful dreams

Sleep to find the colours you’ll see tonight

Its never too dark to cover your dreams,

Never too bright to fade them out

For now just sleep…


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